Security with observability: Detect runtime security vulnerabilities in your code

Security with observability: Detect runtime security vulnerabilities in your code

Marom Bracha
Marom Bracha 2 Min Read

Hello, everyone; my name is Marom, and I’m a software engineer at Sprkl. 

Sprkl is a Personal Observability Platform (POP) that provides personalized feedback on your code changes while coding in the IDE. 

In this blog, I will demonstrate, with a cool video, our new “Security in runtime feature.” With the new feature, our instrumentation identifies modules with vulnerabilities in your code (including its dependencies) in runtime. So you can detect actual vulnerabilities related to your code changes and prevent them from reaching production. 
Sprkl is the only platform directly connecting runtime security vulnerabilities and specific lines of code (including its dependencies). Detect runtime security vulnerabilities – actual, triggered ones, unlike potential ones, so you can fix only what matters.

Sprkl in action

We’re excited about the new feature, so we decided to show you the feature in action: I will use an example project to demonstrate the new security in run time feature. To do so, I will use a  sample eCommerce store with a few running services.

Runtime security vulnerabilities detection

Take a look at the security tab in the Sprkl dashboard. See image below:

Sprkl dashboard

Detect runtime security vulnerabilities with an observability state of mind

Security with observability is a practice that makes it easier to identify and understand security events and threats by collecting and analyzing data from various sources within your systems. 

Key elements to security through observability:

  • Data collection: involves gathering data from various sources, such as network logs, system logs, application logs, and security tools.
  • Data analysis: involves using tools like Sprkl (POP) to analyze the collected data to identify patterns and trends that may indicate potential security threats or vulnerabilities.
  • Response: once a potential threat has been identified, it is vital to respond to it in a timely and effective manner. 

Overall, security with observability is crucial for organizations of all sizes. It helps to ensure that potential security threats are identified and dealt with promptly and effectively before reaching production.

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